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Our mission is simple: empower great causes and passionate people to unlock the power of Artifical Intelligence (AI). With AI training, consulting, and tools - we'll support you to make a bigger difference than ever before.

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What we do

Empower with AI

We support nonprofits and social impact agencies to learn, adopt and get the results they want using AI. Whether you're still trying to make sense of it all, looking to train your whole team, or need support to design and implement your AI strategy - we're here to help!

PLAI to Learn

We tailor workshops, training and coaching for you and your team. No matter where you're starting from, we make learning AI simple, fun and powerful.

> Leadership
> Topic / Tool specific
> Team specifc
> Bespoke packages

PLAI Strategy

We work with you to figure out what you need, where the biggest opportunities are, then help you make a plan that's easy to follow and really works.

> AI Readiness & Assessments
> AI Strategy
> AI Roadmap
> Design-led process

PLAI Responsibly

We make sure your whole team is using AI effectively, responsibly and ethically. It's about putting the right guidelines in place and getting everyone on board.

> Ethical AI framework
> Ethical AI playbook
> AI usage guidelines
> Team training

PLAI to Innovate

Drive innovation using AI by improving existing or creating new products, campaigns, workflows or initiatives with AI to stay ahead of the game.

> AI development
> Custom AI tools
> Innovation processes
> Opportunity scoping

How we work

Our approach

PLAI (pronounced 'play') stands for Purpose Led AI.
It's not just an acronym for what its about how we do it:


We use gamified learning and interactive experiences to keep you everyone engaged. Because we learn better when we play.

People at the heart

We keep people at the heart of what we do, tailoring our solutions and programs to you and your needs. Because people drive change.

Purpose driven

We focus on the most simple and powerful AI solutions that help you live out your why. Because everything starts with purpose.


We use the best of neuroscience, AI and learning design to create engaging and powerful experiences. Because it works (and its fun!).


We use a human-led transformation model and design thinking approach for working with you. Because it drives sustainable results.


We are one of the only agencies in the world focussed entirely on AI for nonprofits and fundraising. We've led and worked in nfps and truly get it!

Trusted around the world

We're supporting a growing list of nonprofits and social impact agencies,
and have trained more than 4000 nonprofit leaders from nonprofit teams around the world.

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What others are saying about us


Immensely helpful

"A clear, concise learning opportunity for those taking their first steps into the world of AI, wrapped around the imperative for a strong ethics framework so vital who work with purpose. A program that demystified technical terms to make it understandable and relatable, and provided tangible examples, which really helped to visualise how it could support me and my team. - thank you Kaz, immensely helpful!"

Game changing

"The strategic AI consulting provided by PLAI has been nothing short of game changing for our operations. Their tailored approach helped us navigate the complexities of AI adoption, save time and think differently. The PLAI to Learn sessions were particularly impactful, helping us feel more confident and less overwhelmed. Especially helping us choose and then learn the right AI tools for us - most of which we didn't know existed"

Turning point for us

"PLAI's AI leadership program was a critical turning point for us. It not only gave our leaders with the knowledge and skills to lead AI initiatives but also helped them be more confident and less fearful. The hands-on workshops were a breath of fresh air vs disengaging webinars. The small group coaching sessions helped turn our leaders turn into internal catalysers, passing the knowledge and skills onto their teams"

Nonprofit insight

"Working with PLAI has been a great experience for our organisation. They really do things differently. The team's understanding of nonprofits and our unique context was second to none. Their guidance was clear, accessible, and insightful, helping us to make AI an integral part of our mission. An dare I say it - the workshops were FUN!"


"The AI learning workshops have given our leaders the practical skills and tools they need to navigate the future of work and also support our team better. Their interactive format and simple approach meant we came into the program feeling scared and uncertain and left feeling supported and optimistic. Their expertise made all the difference"

Best choice we've made

"Partnering with PLAI to shape our AI strategy was a good choice right from the start. It felt like the team actually got us—they really took the time to understand our needs. The strategy sessions were really hands-on, which got our whole team involved. The process was simple and engaging. Best choice we've made!"

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