PLAI stands for

Purpose Led AI

Our mission is simple: help great causes and passionate people to unlock the value of AI for more impact. 

With AI learning, tools and support, we help you work smarter, not harder, so you can make positive change in easier, faster and more powerful ways than ever before.

Ready to begin? Let's PLAI!
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Our offering

What we do

Our products and services are designed to support you at all stages of your AI journey - whether you're still trying to make sense of AI, want to understand the opportunity of AI and choose the right tools to use or looking to design innovative AI tools and solutions to drive competitive advantage.

PLAI to Learn

Interactive and science backed AI training, coaching and learning programs for individuals, teams and organisations.

PLAI to be Ready

Understand the opportunity of AI and be future ready. AI Readiness, planning, roadmaps and strategy development.

PLAI Responsibly

Ensure your whole team is using AI effectively, responsibly and ethically various stages of AI adoption.

PLAI to Innovate

Drive innovation using AI for either existing or new products, campaigns, workflows or initiatives.

PLAI is not just an acronym for what we seek to do.
It captures how we do it:

Our unique approach

How we plai

Creating better work and driving impact is as much about how we learn and change as what we offer.

Purpose Driven

Customised for Change | Tailored for what you need and where you're at.

AI for Good | Focusing on fair and beneficial AI solutions.


Diverse and Inclusive | Designed for all, accommodating everyone's needs.

Personalised Paths | Custom learning and design journeys for individuals and teams.


Hands-On Experiences | Engaging, action-based learning and programs.

Lasting Change | Support for long-term transformation and community building.


Learn Through Fun | Interactive and game-based learning and experiences.

Stay Motivated | Engagement from start to finish, informed by neuroscience.

Scientific and AI-backed

Smart Learning | Using the best in AI and neuroscience in everything we do.

Skill Mastery | Focussed on knowledge retention and practical application.

Community & Connection

Lifelong Learning | Building a community for continuous growth.

Resources You Need | Easy access to tools and a global network of experts.

Start your AI journey today

Whether you are just getting started or ready to lead bold change - our products and services are designed to support you at any stage of your journey.

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our amazing learners and clients committed to #AIforGood
"A clear, concise learning opportunity for those taking their first steps into the world of AI, wrapped around the imperative for a strong ethics framework so vital who work with purpose - thank you Kaz, immensely helpful!"
"The workshop was a really helpful introduction to AI. It demystified technical terms to make it understandable and relatable, and provided tangible examples, which really helped to visualise how it could support me and my team"
"The AI workshop was eye-opening and highly motivating. It took away the fear of using AI and showed very simple steps to start using it. It was also encouraging to see that many others on the call are at the same level in terms of using AI."